Update - selected Kentuckiana Area 17 dates, Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

... and back to Troop time!

Hope you are having a GREAT back to school/back to Troop time, Member-Volunteers and Leaders, plus Staff.

Here are a few upcoming dates for Area 17 and Beyond.

September 20th (Saturday) Trainer's Retreat - Camp Pennyroyal near Owensboro. 10-3. New trainers need to fill out a Trainer Application.

October 3-4-5 Fall Adventure Weekend (Fall Kickoff). For all Member-Volunteers and Leaders, plus

September 6th: via Mary Lynn: "Kentuckiana Girl Scouts in need of updating their outdoor skills & certification, here's your opportunity. An outdoor update is coming up:
Register now - several openings for this training available." This training is at Camp Shantituck, Sunday, September 7th, from 2-6 p.m. and is only $8.00. 

A MUST! September 16, 2014 (a Tuesday) is the next Warren County Service Unit Meeting. We will meet at the Kirby branch of the library at the same time (5:30pm set up, 6pm game/craft/song time, 6:30pm business/meeting). 

September 20th: There MIGHT be openings for Canoe Day at Barren Ridge on Sept. 20th. Find out more here: http://www.gskentuckiana.org/Events/Event-Details/ID/4290/begin/9-20-2014/Canoe-Day.aspx. First pay, first get to attend.

IMPORTANT: Sign up for the Outdoor Program Friendship Circle
And bring your troop too, if you can.
September 25: Outdoor Program Friendship Circle - BG/Caveland PLC.

http://www.gskentuckiana.org/Events/Event-Details/ID/4193/begin/9-25-2014/Outdoor-Program-Friendship-Circle-Caveland.aspx 6:30 - 8 p.m.

From the page:

"At each Friendship Circle, we will try to...

*Connect girls and adults who share a passion for the outdoors

*Celebrate what is valuable about outdoor, adventure and environmental programming in Girl Scouts

*Identify and discuss what welcomes and encourages people to participate and also what discourages or disengages others who might participate

* Identify our most valuable resources and how to use them wisely

* Build networks of people who can work together to broaden outdoor opportunities for girls"

These circles are intended to welcome all generations (there are no age limits) and will be hosted by Carrie Mook, Manager of Outdoor Programs.

Contact her with questions: cmook@gskentuckiana.org or (502) 636-0900 x 26700.
Who should attend:
  • Girl Scout Daisies
  • Girl Scout Brownies
  • Girl Scout Juniors
  • Girl Scout Cadettes
  • Girl Scout Seniors
  • Girl Scout Ambassadors
  • Families
  • Adult Volunteers
Register TODAY http://www.gskentuckiana.org/Events/Event-Details/ID/4193/begin/9-25-2014/Outdoor-Program-Friendship-Circle-Caveland.aspx  so that we can have a good discussion about Outdoor Program.


The Outdoor Journey Project

You can find out about this Movement to get more official Outdoor Program back into Girl Scouting by joining the Outdoor Journey Project Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/outdoor.journey/. 
They also have a website here: http://outdoor-journey.com/ and a Yahoo group here: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/outdoor-journey/info.

The Facebook group has many different conversations, and also a great Files section for outdoor links, programs, and much more.

Come join today!

We need you to promote for more official Outdoor Program to come back to Girl Scouting - preferably an Outdoor Journey, with MANY badges to go with it, leading to the highest awards in Girl Scouting - Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

We think our Founder, Juliette Low, would approve. :-)
Check my Unofficial Calendar for more dates and events. http://girlscoutbetsy.blogspot.com/p/kentuckiana-events.html

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