July 23rd Posting - - for Area 17 and Beyond, KYANA, Babysitting Clinic, Kayaking at Lost River Cave, more.

The Unofficial Calendar has a couple of new events on it.

One is an event at Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, KY.
"July 23rd is also a Kayaking in the Cave Tour at Lost River Cave. Here is their email about it: Grand Opening July 26 at 6:00 pm, For the first time ever Lost River Cave will be offering a cave tour in kayaks! Adventurers will have a chance to see the cave in an entirely different way as they learn kayaking basics and the history of the cave... Call 270.393.0077 and ask for Carlet or Annie for more information about the Grand Opening or scheduling a tour."
And there is a new Babysitting Clinic event.  
"August 5th and 6th: Via the Caveland Area 16 Facebook page: Babysitting clinic!!! For all Cadettes (must be at least 7th grade) and older. August 5th and 6th 10-3 at Metcalfe County Extension Agency. Cost is $6 per girl. Contact Missy Hammontree for more information or to register. https://www.facebook.com/groups/387424111289025/"

And National S'Mores Day has been added for August 10th.

NEW - (just added: There is big news about Family Camp at Camp Pennyroyal. Via Lisa: "Family Camp at Pennyroyal is now being sponsored by the Pennyroyal Site Team. Same time, lower price and different pricing options. Stay tuned for more info!"

You can see all the events I can find here at the Unofficial Calendar page here.

AND (important!) Everyone needs to take their new TRAINING MODULE ONLINE. Click here to find out more.

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Calendar redone, Date set for Area 17 Leader's Retreat, photo of NEW boat at Bear Creek.

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