New Outdoor Badges - girls to decide - update for Staff explaining dates and procedures.

Here is a report from the webinar GSUSA is putting on right now for council's marketing staff to update on the badge voting process.
"1. Voting will be opened to ALL girls, Daisies included
2. First round of voting will be October 31st - November 30th
3. Voting will open at 9am EST on Friday, 10/31
4. Second round of voting will be from Dec. 1st - Dec. 31st
5. On March 12th, the new badge will be announced
6. Badge will be available for purchase at start of next membership year
7. "How will the topics for Round 2 be selected?" - GSUSA will connect with each individual council (CEO and/or Program Director) to have them provide feedback as to what people in their council are asking for / ideas
8. Girls can vote AS MANY TIMES AS THEY WANT
9. Adults CANNOT vote. This is girl-led, and adults are encouraged to not share their opinion with voting members, but instead direct them to the polls
10. Adults who do vote, will not be counted in the final numbers
11. "Why aren't Ambassadors getting a badge?" - When they surveyed Ambassadors a few years ago, they found that age level would rather focus on the Gold Award and travel than badges. However, they're now hearing that this may have changed. Therefore, they're going to release a national poll for Seniors and Ambassadors to see if there is an interest in releasing badges for Seniors."


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Octoer 16th update