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Hi, wonderful GS Betsy Blog readers.

My name is Betsy and I live at The Garden Spot in South Central Kentucky, Bowling Green to be precise.

I am a Girl Scout Volunteer in Cluster 2, Kentuckiana.

I love to help leaders and volunteers find resources and news. I used to have a hand-out newsletter that I brought to Girl Scout Service Unit meetings. Now it is online, though I may print out the occasional newsletter later on.

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PS I also have some other blogs. Here are a couple of them. Click below if you see one that interests you!

The Nontraditional Student blog - for students going back to school after a break.

The Moon and the Willow Tree - this is my personal blog. I talk about things going on in my life, stories, and post photos of my travels and walks around my area.

Send ideas to me here with BLOG IDEAS in the header. Thanks!

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